Chat Pile: Oklahoma City Band Hypnotizes with Blend of Industrial + Noise Rock

Photo courtesy of Chat Pile

If you’re anything like me, you like fucked up shit. If you like fucked up shit, you’ll love Chat Pile. I was first brutalized by their special brand of mayhem recently while driving. I had to pull over to investigate what-in-fucks-name was streaming out of my speakers. I stopped and listened to every single Chat Pile song on the side of the road. 

No sleep that night. Instead, I listened to "Dallas Beltway," the first song on 2019 EP, Remove Your Skin Please, over and over till I had it memorized. I sent it in manic, well-past-midnight texts to anyone who would listen.

I found myself particularly obsessed with how the darkest corners of the human experience had been so expertly welded into these eight perfect songs. 

Slurred and sardonic, for lovers of the disturbed, Chat Pile provides. Both EPs—This Dungeon Earth (2019) and previously mentioned RYSP—are top to bottom, absolutely heinous. With lyrics covering topics like filicide and sandwich meat ground from corpses, it’s clear why Chat Pile is applauded by persons in-the-know as being divinely macabre. 

For better or worse, I’m completely addicted. My incessant yearning for more Chat Pile, now an endless din behind my everyday. 

Chat Pile is Raygun Busch (vocals), Luther Manhole (guitar) Stin (bass) and Cap’n Ron (drums). Hailing from Oklahoma City the guys are longtime musicians with members participating over decades and in projects like Perfect Teeth and Found Footage (both dope). 

When they told me they had trouble booking shows in the beginning, I was wholeheartedly offended. “No one wanted us” they tell me of the sorry souls who declined them. Fools beyond redemption. 

The band self-defines as “death-grind, sludge-industrial." A simpler mind might call it noise-metal although it’s honestly difficult to place under any one label. At my very first impression, as I scrambled to park my tiny sub-compact, I thought of Miami’s Prison Warder, a notable peer.

In process, grinding riffs that assault unannounced are written first with depraved lyrics later added. This style of songwriting has been a focus of the band throughout the current COVID lockdowns.

That said, upcoming material is to be expected in 2021 through music label The Flenser (Have a Nice Life, Street Sects) to which the band has just been added.  

Photo: mia.thermopolis2001

The band had an entire tour and multiple local events “wiped out overnight” due to COVID. A heartbreaking notion knowing I missed Chat Pile live with Portrayal of Guilt in their last shows before lockdown.

Once shows start up again and the Oklahoma band announces a gig, I’ll fly to be there. 

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