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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: True Name

Photo: Sofia Hoya

Band: True Name
From: Atlanta, Georgia

Their formation story:
(Luke, vocals): "Andre and I have off and on tried doing a straight edge band for years now and Kanu has consistently been expected to play drums when we eventually did. Andre and I worked the demo together, writing, recording, mixing, and mastering.

"After that I just talked to Kener at the Symbiote record release show in Atlanta and mentioned the band to him and without even hearing it he said he’d play and that just made sense, Kener and I have almost done bands together in the past and it’s cool that it worked out for this one. It’s really a band that happened quickly but has been a long time coming."

Their sound in their own words:
"Our sound is a (hopefully tasteful) mash-up of a few bands that I consider just top-tier overall hardcore bands. There’s a bit of No Warning, a little TUI, and some Fury thrown in. To dig deeper you can find hints of bands like Stop and Think and just some overall kinda Lockin' Out Records vibes.

"Lyrically, the band is fully straight edge pride driven. Always been stoked on being straight edge and love to represent."

Latest release info:
"The first demo is fun, energetic, and in my opinion offers really anthemic moments that I’m super excited to play live."

Future plans:
"We have our first show March 21st in Atlanta, it’ll be announced soon. We’re already working on second and third demos we’d like to put out this year if possible. Kind of a crazy way of doing things but we think it’s cool."

What other bands from the region should we check out?
"Some other bands to check out from Atlanta are The Chrome, Symbiote, Ballistic Ax, Strangle You, Sikm, Life of Pain, and City Violence. But there’s a lot of other dope bands coming out of the southeast right now that should be on everyone’s radar, bands like Fading Signal, Gumm, Miracle, Dogmatic, Stedfast, Jezter, Brass Tongue...I could go on forever. Dive in!"


The True Name demo will be released soon on cassette via Armageddon Records. True Name on social media: Instagram


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