triton. (Musician Scott Murphy) Collaborates w/ Thursday Singer Geoff Rickly on “alcatraz”

Photo: Sabrina Alvarez

triton. is the solo vehicle for Scott Murphy, a musician born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii. Influenced by everything from emo to reggae to hardcore, he eventually moved to Oakland and began working on songs under the name triton. as a way to make sense of his new surroundings and his place within the chaos of the city.

“In 2020, amidst all the isolation and anxiety, I dusted off an album I had started a couple years earlier, but had not finished," Scott says. “I had hit a number of roadblocks that had discouraged me, and had continually lost my momentum. I channeled all my energy into this album; I lived it, I breathed it, I slept it, I dreamt it. I found a lot of help along the way, and with every exchange and contribution I re-energized to dig deeper and keep grinding."

Entitled Sundown in Oaktown, the album was co-produced by Geoff Rickly (Thursday, No Devotion, United Nations) who also performs on “alcatraz.” A meditative acoustic guitar-led track, "alcatraz" also features shuffling percussion and melancholic melodies that ride the vibe perfectly. The bass track was laid down by Tim Payne (Thursday, LS Dunes):

Scott Murphy sent No Echo the following thoughts about the "alcatraz":

"I love this song. I wrote the guitar for this over 10 years ago, sitting on the beach in Kona, but never really did anything with it. Working on the album with Geoff (Rickly), it was never gonna be complete without getting him on a song. I looked through some old sessions and files and this popped up, and it just felt right. So I sent it over to him.

"I was blown away when he sent it back, he went exactly where my head was at with the song, without having to say it. He brought this haunting weight with a melody that gets under your skin and hangs around long after the song fades away. I was also lucky enough to get Tim (Payne) to once again weave his magic on bass and complete the vision, as he did across the album.

"I couldn't believe the new life that had been breathed into this song that had been around as an unfulfilled idea for so long, and that it found a way to see the light of day after all these years. And stoked to have a couple Thursday legends on it as well. "

Mixed/mastered by Jesse Cannon, Sundown in Oaktown also features contributions from Aaron Gillespie (Underoath, The Almost), AJ Perdomo (The Dangerous Summer), and Jarrod Alexander (My Chemical Romance, Alkaline Trio, Death By Stereo, The Suicide File). 

Sundown in Oaktown will be out on January 27th (pre-order).

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