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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: No Reality

Band: No Reality
From: Bay Area, California

Their formation story:
(Blaine Patrick) "One late February evening in 2018, I was visited by a dark spirit from below. It presented a history of humanity to me in which all morality was conceived as a bargain with nature. It showed me the depths of the human obsession with convenience and the ultimate end of our reality in its wake.

"The next morning, I walked down to the ocean to clear my mind, and I carved 'No Reality' into the wet concrete near the Great Highway and Santiago Street."

Their sound in their own words:
"Just basic American hardcore. I guess on the latest record there’s some Japanese influence coming in. Bands like Outburst, SSD, G.I.S.M., Integrity, Rest In Pieces, the first two Celtic Frost records, etc."

Latest release info:
"I actually wrote most of the new 7-inch in 2020 when I returned home to the North Bay. The first song, 'Buying Drugs,' is supposed to be self deprecating. The last track was a rejected song from one of my other projects, Smirk. Someone told me it sounded like a dad yelling over mediocre egg punk so I knew we had to keep it."

Future plans:
"There is still a lot of unreleased No Reality material, so there will most likely be another EP release in the future. We will also be playing Slammers Ball #2 this winter in the Bay Area. More info will be available soon."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"I am very out of touch with the local hardcore/punk scene, but some great bands include Mentor, Ultras, Fentanyl, Bite the Hand, and Trigger Discipline (Bay Area).

"Also, the two labels that support No Reality, Industry Standards and Smoking Room. Those are two of the best independent labels currently. Check out all of their releases. We may also repress the No Reality Mark of the Clown EP soon."


Pick up a copy of No Reality's Daddy Longnoose EP on vinyl via Industry Standards.

No Reality on social media: Instagram


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