Kaizo: Seattle Hardcore Band Teams With Aaron Heard (Jesus Piece, Nothing) on “No Peace”

Photo: Ashley Allen 

Seattle’s Kaizo burst into being a fully formed proposition. Dropped around this time last year, their ante up into the hardcore world, the misleadingly dubbed Discard: Vol I was a half dozen scorchers of scythe-sharp and technically-minded metallic hardcore. 

That first collection was anchored by primal and raging riffs and breakdowns harder than the modified Mario platformers that begat the band name. Aside from their firebrand take on the genre, Kaizo clearly has a keen eye trained on the futuristic.

Seamlessly incorporating samples and employing glitched out accoutrements are just a couple of Kaizo's seemingly bottomless bag of tricks. 

The Emerald City crew is back with the ever dazzling Aaron Heard (Jesus Piece, Nothing) in tow. “No Peace” is a level up in every way:

Kicking off on a low-slung rhythm, it’s manic melange of scuzzy bass tone, an eerie guitar lead, and harrowing vocals that vacillate wildly between registers. The now standard Kaizo vocals flex an impressive and urgent range married to Heard’s bellicose war cry.

It’s a fittingly violent dose of gloomy resignation that soundtracks well the relentless misty haze of Seattle, sure to rouse even the Pacific Northwest’s most seasoned of seasonal depressives.

Spring is coming so wake the fuck up or this’ll do it for ya. 

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