Bolster: Cincinnati Band Wields Metallic Hardcore Storm on Hell Surrounds You EP

If you're an avid reader of No Echo, I don't have to tell you that Ohio has been blessing us with a seemingly endless lineup of quality hardcore bands in the last decade. Cincinnati's Bolster is certaintly part of that story.

"Our guitar player Dylan and I previously played in a band together and remained very close friends after it ended," vocalist Joel Enneking says about Bolster's formation story. "After a few years of both of us not playing music, we talked about doing a new band and then with perfect timing I met Landon (drums), and we started jamming and recorded a demo.

"Soon after, a friend of mine recommended we recruit Zach to play with us who contributed a lot to our sound also. We recorded two more EPs after he joined and played as a 4 piece for a few years. Recently, we found Nick to play bass for us and he is also a great guitar player and contributed a lot to the writing process for Hell Surrounds You."

Arriving on streaming outlets just a few weeks ago, Hell Surrounds You is 5-tracker that is as ugly as its title would suggest. "I’m terrible at describing sounds to people, but I’d describe us your normal heavy hardcore band with a little bit of bounce," Joel tells No Echo. 

"Every member had a part in writing and all of our influences put in big brew tank is what I’d say we sound like. Those influences include Integrity, Hatebreed, No Warning, Merauder, Sepultura, Cold World, Cro-Mags, Crowbar, and Lord of the Rings."

As far as future plans go, Bolster is easy, according to their frontman. "We are really a go-with-the-flow type of band. We don’t have super-permanent plans in stone, but our goal has always been just to rip some fun gigs locally and regionally.

"The tri state area of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana have a bunch of great hardcore scenes happening right now and we love being a small contributor to it."

So, what else does The Queen City have to offer on the core side of things? "Cincinatti has some rad bands right now. Check out Waydown, Sob Story, Louise, Head Collector, Overflow, Compost, Total Loss, Your Disease, Scenario, Sign Language. Also, Salt (Columbus), Rejoice (Columbus), Gunmask (Indianapolis), Rest Assured (Indianapolis), and last but not least, the best current band to me Dismal (Lexington)."


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