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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Luck Runs Out

Band: Luck Runs Out
From: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Their formation story:
(Noah, bass): "The vocalist Andrew and I were talking about starting something heavy that we loved and what we would mosh to. Didn’t think it would actually go anywhere and a month later Andrew hits me up saying he found us a guitar player. I discovered our young talented drummer Billy from seeing him at LDB Fest. We ended up following each other and found out he was moving to our side of the state.

"Stars just aligned we ended up adding a second guitar player Brad just to help with the creativeness in the writing process. That’s Luck Runs Out."

Their sound in their own words:
"Our sound and style is heavy hardcore. I’d say for fans of bands like Bury Your Dead, Pain of Truth, Hatebreed, Harms Way, and Recon."

Latest release info:
"We released our debut demo late this past summer, 3 tracks. My personal favorite song is 'Full Metal Justice' because I personally feel like it’s a mesh of what we want to completely sound like."

Future plans:
"The future of the band is a mystery right now. Vocalist Andrew had complete knee surgery so shows are limited until he is better and ready to go full steam ahead. We are currently writing an EP expected to release late spring."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"Local bands from West Michigan Hardcore I’d like to shout out would be, Bitter Truth (they just had a bad rollover on tour and are recovering from that), Wept, Split Up, Lifeloss, Concuss, Peace Offering, and Pink Pout. 


Luck Runs Out on social media: Instagram


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