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Outsider, “False Needs” (2018)

I know I keep saying it on the site, but the Richmond, VA is continuously delivering high-quality hardcore bands as of late. Now we can add Outsider to that fine lineage.

Comprised of musicians that have played in, or are still members, of such bands as Cold Touch, Upperhand, Step Off, and Junkyard Dogs, Outsider specialize in a style of hardcore that brings to mind Terror and older Trapped Under Ice. I mean, how could you go wrong with that?

"False Needs" comes off the band's 2018 demo and it's a bonafide banger. The track comes roaring out of the gate with ripping speed, and then things get ugly with a mosh part that grooves like a motherfucker. Vocalist Joe Kincaid has a commanding delivery that packs extra punch to the already hard-hitting riff fest. The dude sounds like a maniac on the Outsider demo.

I'm going to be keeping close attention to this RVA unit. I'm sure some record labels will also be doing that...

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