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Miracle Drug, “Grudge,” from How Much Is Enough (WAR Records, 2017)

I've already told you how great How Much Is Enough, the debut Miracle Drug EP, is, but the Louisville hardcore unit just dropped a new video which warrants more of your attention.

Directed and edited by Andrew Kline and Eric Thompson for PushOneStop, "Grudge" pairs nightmarish visuals with distorted performance footage of the band. “I wanted to create a narrative that would reflect the meaning of the song without being too obvious," says Kline, who in addition to owning WAR Records (Miracle Drug's label), also handles guitar in Strife and vocals in Berthold City. "The video starts with a young girl watching her past life on a TV screen. You can see that she was haunted and always running away from something in her past. The video ends with her standing up and changing that.”

In terms of the lyrical content on "Grudge," Miracle Drug frontman Bricks Avalon had this to say: “I have always wanted the people who have wronged me to fully pay for the pain that they have caused me. I have always cringed at the thought of their lack of suffering. For years I would hold onto this grudge until it became an outdated obsession that was eating at my own personal progression and peace. I am to release, forgive, and move beyond daily.”

How Much Is Enough is available for sale on iTunesWAR Records, and Bandcamp.

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