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Instant Death, “Where's the Truth?,” from Fool's Vengeance Demo (2017)

What’s left to say about the Seattle hardcore/punk scene? The city’s got such a storied, vibrant hardcore punk scene—spawning legendary names like Brotherhood and Botch to current scene champions such as Gag, Odd Man Out, Lower Species, and more.

Instant Death is hoping to add to that storied lineage. The band is comprised of former members of The Scare, and its sound is a natural evolution, albeit, much harder. The song features hard-hitting grooves (à la Outburst and Killing Time) that alternate with blistering fast segments that are reminiscent of Madball’s early days. It’s a formula that harkens back to NYHC’s heyday while being self-aware.

Instant Death at All Together Skatepark, Seattle, WA, 2017. (Photo: Dan Gonyea)

I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Instant Death when my band played in Seattle last month. Their songs are presented in an entirely different light live, thanks to frontman Casey Shaw’s charismatic stage presence and furious delivery. Shaw strikes a balance between humor and gravity, and his hilarious stage banter was a welcome addition to aresnal of jump kicks and pushups. At one point, he even began deadlifting monitors. “This shit feels like New York in ‘88,” he said. Indeed.

Check out Instant Death's Bandcamp page for more tunes from the band.

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