Song of the Day

Hive, “Low Hanging Fruit of War,” from Parasitic Twin (Crown and Throne LTD, 2017)

Firstly, Hive is comprised of musicians who have also played in Harvest, Endeavor, Threadbare, 108, Bosnia, Xaphan, 108, and Disembodied. That's obviously quite a pedigree to live up to, but Hive is up for it.

Parasitic Twin is the debut full-length from the Minnesota outfit and the material on it has the driving force of D-beat with the technical prowess of a metal band performing it. "Low Hanging Fruit of War" not only is an amazing song title, it's also a monster of a track that has Hive firing on all cylinders. Vocalist/guitarist Morgan Carpenter has one of those delivery styles that is gruff yet understandable in the same measure. Carpenter's guitar style meshes perfectly with his partner, Mike Duffy, and the stuff they do on this song is gnarly. There's a specific part where they do some single-note stuff together that might be some of my favorite riffing of 2017 to date.

You can download Parasitic Twin on Hive's Bandcamp page, but if you want the vinyl version of the album, head over to Crown and Throne LTD's store.

Tagged: d-beat, hardcore, hive, punk