Summerhead: New Outfit Creates a Blissed-Out Sound on “Snoozer” (PREMIERE)


Though its members have played in such hardcore-minded bands as Trash Talk and the Mongoloids, don't come looking for that kind of vibe from Summerhead. The trio is another vibe with the new project, mining from the blissed-out musical spirit of such groups as Sneaker Pimps and Lush. It brings me back to a time when I would rush to the newsstand down the block from the record shop I worked at in Greenwich Village in the early '90s to get the latest copies of the NME and Melody Maker.

Summerhead will be releasing an eponymous 7" via Head2Wall Records in early spring and they've set No Echo up with the video premiere of their gorgeous track, "Snoozer," which you can watch/listen to below:

"We felt that this was the ideal track to familiarize listeners with our sound and statement of purpose," said Summerhead in an email to No Echo. "Musically, it encompasses the whole breadth of our influences, spanning from the trip-hop of bands like Sneaker Pimps and Portishead all the way to dreamy soundscapes of Lush and Curve.

"Lyrically, it explores the sort of bitterness that one can only really express through song. Wishing someone the worst in real life is a bad look, but the right melody can elevate petty resentment to high art. We’re not sure if we’ve attained that here, but if you’re nodding along, that’s good enough for us.”

The Summerhead 7" will be shipped out the week of May 17 and can be pre-ordered from Head2Wall Records.

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