Song of the Day

Gravebomb, “Sulphur Salvation,” from Rot in Putrid Filth (Raw Skull Recordz, 2016)

Regular readers of No Echo already know how much I jock Swedish death metal, and the whole "Entombedcore" sound, so it shouldn't be surprising why Sweden's Gravebomb appeals to my listening habits.

"Sulphur Salvation" is lifted from Gravebomb's 2016 debut album, Rot in Putrid Filth (damn, that's death metal!). The track is a relentless attack of chainsaw guitars and corrosive vocals being carrried by a driving backbeat. The slower breakdown parts recall vintage Autopsy, while the faster stuff is in the Dismember and Grave wheelhouse.

The album was mastered by Tomas Skogsberg at Sunlight Studios in Stockholm, which is perfect since he was behind the boards on many of the '90s death metal records Gravebomb were influenced by (Dark Recollections, Into the Grave, etc.).

Rot in Putrid Filth is currently available on Bandcamp, but if you want it on disc, Raw Skull Recordz will be issuing the CD version in October.

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