Song of the Day

Glue Traps, “Radiate” (2018)

Glue Traps is a Baltimore-based hardcore punk band that has been for about a year now. The group is comprised of folks you might know from othe such outfits as Warxgames, Syringe, and Deep Sleep.

Singer Tony Pence — who is a passionate vinyl collector and also owns the beloved Celebrated Summer Records — told me the following about Glue Traps:

"We started the band to play straight-forward punk/hardcore in the vein of early Mystic Records bands like White Flag and RKL, but with other influences, like The Stupids."

Glue Traps at Slash Run, Washington, DC, 2018. (Photo: Farrah Skeiky)

"Radiate" serves as a great introduction to Glue Traps as it showcases their raw and catchy sound at a rapid clip. As you can hear, Tony's description above is spot-on. The rest of the band's Future Shock 2018 Promo on Bandcamp serves up more of the same kind of pissed-off stuff, and the band will be self-relaxing a cassette version of the promo, so don't sleep.

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