Sun Spots: Seattle Band Deliver Blissed Out Guitar Pop on “Ringer” (VIDEO PREMIERE)

Photo: Rob Fugate

It's not difficult to find citizens of Seattle who understand the importance of seeking out bright pockets in the midst of perpetual drab and endless drizzle. New four-piece Sun Spots doesn't seem to be any exception. It's not necessary to beat the sunshine metaphor to death — the band helpfully hints their luminous nature right upfront in the name. Even if they had been more coy, it would have immediately become self evident as the melodies kicked in like the pop of a champagne-cork and the buzz and fizz of a sweet sparkling day spent in the park with someone you love.

Below, the band premiere their first single, "Ringer," and accompanying video, directed by Steven Serna. The track is bright, shiny, blissed out and buzzy; perfect for long drives with the windows down. Saved from becoming too sweet, a contrasting thread of melancholy under currents the syrupy melody to temper and add dimension to the brighter, catchier moments to make a more dynamic song. It's energetic, but not manic. Each element layers perfectly to come together as perfectly pitched pop with scuzzy sensibilities.

The single's b-side, "Girl," offers a like-wise hooky and effervescent delight. The call and response between the guitar and drum intro provides the perfect set up for singer and bass player Kailey Morales's polished and measured vocals. The track builds on itself, pulling the addictive main melody into a frenetic guitar solo and up over the top of the tempering plea that serves as the song's satisfying resolution. It’s a masterful example of intentional song craft, each piece playing its part.

Cover art for the Ringer single

Sun Spot's Ringer 7" will be out in July via Painter Man Records and can be pre-ordered here

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