Tomb Mold, Manor of Infinite Forms (20 Buck Spin, 2018)

Canadian death metallers Tomb Mold are back with Manor of Infinite Forms, which continues where they left off on their last LP, Primordial Malignity. Tomb Mold are a prime example of a current-day death metal band paying homage to the old school in their own way, without sounding generic and maintaining a personalized and identifiable style. 

I found this record to start off a little slow for me, but once I reached “Abysswalker” it caught my full attention, locked in, and ready for more. 

Very much in the vein of Finnish bands like Demigod and some Rippikulu, Tomb Mold deliver groove elements in their songwriting, and Derrick Vella’s guitar work is precise and superb, with raging leads and just the right amount of solos without being distracting. 

Max Klebanoff’s drumming is powerful and tight, not too technical with just the right amount of flare. Paired along with his guttural vocals (respect to any singing drummer, shit is not easy. I know).

Overall this record is great. They improve on their sound while maintaining familiarity. The quality of the recording is greatly improved. The record itself sounds less cavernous than the last, but without sounding too polished. 

Standout tracks for me were the pummeling “Abysswalker,"  the groove-heavy “Gored Embrace," and the crushing closer, “Two Worlds Become One.”

Photo: Joey Arredondo

Manor of infinite Forms is out June 8 on 20 Buck Spin and can be pre-ordered here.

Tomb Mold tour dates:
6/14/2018 The Cave – Santa Fe, NM w/ Of Feather And Bone
6/15/2018 The Lost Well – Austin TX @ Austin Terror Fest [info]
6/16/2018 Stick’s Place – Wichita Falls, TX w/ Of Feather And Bone
6/17/2018 Santo’s – New Orleans, LA w/ Of Feather And Bone
6/18/2018 Rockhouse Live – Memphis, TN w/ Of Feather And Bone
6/19/2018 Basement – Atlanta, GA w/ Of Feather And Bone
6/20/2018 Atlas Brew Works – Washington, DC w/ Of Feather And Bone
6/21/2018 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA w/ Of Feather And Bone
6/22/2018 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY w/ Of Feather And Bone
6/23/2018 The Meatlocker – Montclair, NJ w/ Of Feather And Bone
6/24/2018 O’Brien’s – Boston, MA w/ Of Feather And Bone
6/25/2018 Casa Del Popolo – Montreal, QC w/ Of Feather And Bone
6/26/2018 Coalition – Toronto, ON w/ Of Feather And Bone
7/27/2018 Mr. Small’s Theater – Pittsburgh, PA @ Migration Fest

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