Sabertooth Zombie, Human Performance IV (Twelve Gauge Records, 2015)

The members of Sabertooth Zombie aren't fucking around. Sharing an affinity for both hardcore and stoner rock, the NorCal collective decided to write material that married both styles. Since forming a decade ago, Sabertooth Zombie have issued a mind-blowing 15 releases, and their latest, Human Performance IV, is the final chapter in the series.

Hitting stores on March 3rd, the four-track EP finds the quintet bringing forth an assault of meaty guitar riffs and driving rhythms that never lets up. But as relentless as their delivery and style might be, the gentlemen of Sabertooth Zombie never lose sight of the songs at the heart of their riff parties. There are memorable hooks—both instrumentally and vocally speaking—found throughout Human Performance IV.

Recorded and mixed by Sam Pura at The Panda Studios (Self Defense Family), Human Performance IV is one of the better sounding records I've heard in a while. Pura does a great job of giving each of the instruments enough separation so that no nuance is lost in the attack. He also makes sure that the vocals don't get buried in the riff and drum parts. The band also throws in a curveball or two. "Gardens of Loss" features a horn part during one section, bringing to mind the rawk 'n' roll punch of Rocket from the Crypt. I'd love to see Sabertooth Zombie expand on that side of their sound in the future.

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