Rotten Sound, Apocalypse (Season of Mist, 2023)

I might be in the minority, but I'll gladly spend time with the lyrics of almost any music I'm intentionally listening to.

Before introducing myself as a writer in social settings, I generally had a fascination with languages.

As I listened to an advance copy of Rotten Sound's forthcoming eigth album, Apocalypse, and looked over the lyrics, I had an unnerving and entertaining reaction.

It's no secret that following current news can be draining, but it also tends to become a wordy mess. So to help summarize news reports, I think there are lyrics found on this would be an unbiased summary of the news. When you factor in that every song is under two minutes, it seems perfect for the diminished average attention span of most people. 

My introduction to Rotten Sound was about 15 years ago and the Finnish band has been around for 30 years as of 2023. While grindcore and death metal tend to be described in generic terms more often than not, Rotten Sound is a band that I think can grab the attention of long-time death metal fans as well as previously dismissive listeners alike.

Possessing a concise and blunt perspective of the modern world as gritty guitars saw through your hearing, songs like "Equality" and "Suburban Bliss" are as sure to get a crowd moshing as they are to make you feel heard in your frustration as you search for housing online in an apartment you already can't afford.

My attention is being held hostage by a few particular songs including, "Denialist." As I sit in my Los Angeles area home awaiting the next "atmospheric river" storm system, I can't help but shake my head in disbelief at how many people choose to ignore the environmental impact of humanity's various blunders.

Photo: Mika Aalto

Summarized by the singer of Rotten Sound, Keijo Niinimaa:

"Remember two winters ago
When our asses nearly froze 
Remember the summer some time ago 
When we got some snow"

At the end of the day, I'm not trying to tell you what to believe or deny. I will say this much, though: if you consider yourself a fan of grindcore and you're just discovering Rotten Sound, you've been missing out but there also couldn't be a better time to find them. If we are living through the Apocalypse, at least we have a killer soundtrack for it. Right?

With Apocalypse set for release through Season of Mist on March 31st, Rotten Sound will be headed out on tour in Europe starting on the 14th of April in Weinheim, Germany:

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