Firearm, Dravecky EP (Self-Released, 2018)

Hailing from San Francisco, Firearm unleashes four blasts of intense, assertive slab of quick-paced hardcore taking many cues from Iowa heroes Modern Life Is War.

Melodic without losing aggression, the EP goes from blasts of throttle down fury to a stomping near car crash of a breakdown and back to pedal-to-the-medal speed. 

Drawing inspiration of famed SF Giant’s relief pitcher Dave Dravecky’s battles with cancer and a shattered arm while fighting to help take the Giant’s the 1989 World Series—its reflected in deeply personal lyrics dealing with feelings of alienation, personal struggle and a search for the strength to continue onward.

Hopefully the struggle ends better for the boys in Firearm than the 1989 Giants, who got smoked by my beloved Oakland Athletics. 

Photo: Michael D. Thorn

That aside—its good to see these dudes finally release more than the single track that’s been on their Bandcamp page forever. They are a top-notch live band and these four tracks are a great representation of the energy and fury they bring.

Photo: Michael D. Thorn

The Dravecky EP is available for download via Firearm's Bandcamp page. If you're in the Southern California area, the band will be performing at Programme Skate & Sound tonight (Aug. 10) along with Fury, Diztort, Dead Heat, Omega Point, and Control.

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