Ex Everything: Oakland Post-Hardcore Unit Gets Caught “Exiting the Vampire Castle” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Scott Evans

Ex Everything is a quartet based out of Oakland, California cooking up a brooding sound many No Echo readers will lap up.

The lineup consists of current and former members of such bands as Kowloon Walled City, Early Graves, and Less Art, but what's important here is what they've built up together. Ex Everything clearly understand how to build tension in their musical arrangements, melding angular guitar parts with propulsive rhythmic shifts and gruff yet clear vocals.

Let's go with "post-hardcore" for the genre-obsessed folks out there.

Ex Everything is gearing up for the release of their debut album, Slow Change Will Pull Us Apart (love the Simple Minds reference!), and since I have friends in high places, I got my hands on an exclusive stream of a track called "Exiting the Vampire Castle" for you to gnaw on in the meantime:

Here's what Ex Everything vocalist Andre Sanabria sent over about the track:

"The song ‘Exiting the Vampire Castle’ is named after an essay by political and cultural theorist Mark Fisher. In that essay, Fisher argues that people on the political left will reinforce organizational solidarity by orienting around economic class, rather than identity and culture.

"As the third single off Slow Change Will Pull Us Apart, the song’s lyrics ruminate on the essay’s themes. The band invites listeners to not only come along on a sonic adventure but to act as a spark for progress long after the album is over."

Slow Change Will Pull Us Apart will be released November 10th via Neurot Recordings (pre-order). 
Upcoming Ex Everything live dates:
11/09/2023 The Ivy Room – Albany, CA *record release show
11/10/2023 Kenton Club – Portland, OR
11/11/2023 Southgate Roller Rink – Seattle, WA
11/12/2023 New Frontier Lounge – Tacoma, WA
Ex Everything on social media: Instagram


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