Wasp Mother: Massachusetts Grinders Step Things Up on Self-Loathing EP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Shane McConnell

One of the best things I’ve seen come out of the pandemic is how much effort people put into creating DIY spaces for the creation of art. Lots of people have built recording studios in their houses to not only put out their own music but others as well.

Pete Walsh from Weymouth, Massachusetts has himself been running Heavy Hangs Studios out of his home and recorded his band Wasp Mother’s demo earlier this year. One of the most notable aspects of the release was the quality of the production as it sounded like it was recorded at one of the best studios around. Now the band returns with Self-Loathing, a 5-song EP.

With their blend of blast beats with crisp and hard hitting riffage and breakdowns that keep their influences within the brutality of grindcore and the fury of hardcore punk. The demo displayed these influences well but from the moment the track “Stupid” kicks into gear, Wasp Mother's sound has clearly been expanded.

The following tracks keep the pace with grindcore tuning and production blasted through hardcore song arrangements. Wasp Mother figured out the perfect balance between the two and each release sounds even better:

Self-Loathing also shows that Wasp Mother have improved even further as their playing has gotten tighter with their frequent tempo changes and harder playing. Vocalist Kevin’s delivery seems even harsher and more varied than before as he bellows out over the grind his tirades against the government and social dogmas. The usual grindcore affairs.


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