Wrong War: Chicago Hardcore Outfit Returns With “Once Upon a Weapon” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Michael Manthei

Featuring vocalist Matt Weeks (Current, Ottawa, Calvary), bassist Dave Pawlowski (The Phenoms), drummer Dan Smith (Salvo Beta), and guitarist Patrick Keenan (The Phenoms), Chicago hardcore outfit Wrong War has kicked off the new year with style.

Though they just released their debut album back last summer in the form of Fixed Against Forever, the band just dropped its follow-up, an abrasive-sounding collection they've entitled Once Upon a Weapon.

Recorded and mixed by Michael Manthei, and featuring cover art by No Echo favorite John Yates, Once Upon a Weapon is setting its anchor down on the site today through a new music video for its ripping title track:

Once Upon a Weapon is available now via Atomic Action! Records and Council Records.

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