We Chose Forever: Philly Trio Takes on Ink & Dagger’s “My Ladylove” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Erin Ileaha Armstrong

We Chose Forever is a Philadelphia post-punk band who's members grew up in the hardcore scene. That's why it isn't surprising how the trio is choosing to celebrate Halloween this year. 

Originally appearing on Ink & Dagger's 1996 Love Is Dead 7 inch, "My Ladylove" has just gotten the We Chose Forever cover treatment, adding their own flavor to the track. The track appears on their new EP, All Hallows’ Eve: Transformations and Reformations.

“Ink & Dagger was all about transformation," We Chose Forever vocalist/drummer/synth op Kyle Nagle tells No Echo. "As an 18 year old, I interpreted the vampirism as a way to embrace, accept and use the challenges in your life to help mold you into the person you wanted to be.

"I vividly remember leaving the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia in a van full of friends marveling at what Ink & Dagger had just done: Sate the hardcore scene with a sing along spectacle all the while stealing the crowds energy for themselves. In corpse paint. Pretending to be vampires...That was some real mind control shit right there. They transcended the scene.”

Featuring guest backing vocals by Tarek Ahmed of the band Intercourse, No Echo is serving up the premiere of the "My Ladylove" cover below, along with a We Chose Forever original called "Desperation Fantasies" that also fits the vibe:

“What we are playing now, I guess it could be called post-punk, but we all come from the '90s hardcore scene in Philadelphia," says We Chose Forever guitarist/synth op Dave Mather. "We use the raw energy of our music backgrounds to put a new sense of urgency into We Chose Forever.

"We take influences from the early post-punk of the late '70s and early '80s, but let the dynamism of our hardcore influences like Ink & Dagger flow through our music.”

All Hallows’ Eve: Transformations and Reformations is available now on Bandcamp.

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