New Artist Focus: Vital Sense

Photo: Sam Catalano

Vital Sense is a new North Carolina-based hardcore band whose roots can be traced back to another act No Echo covered on the site before. We'll let vocalist Sam Catalano explain: "Vital Sense started when Ricky (guitarist) sent Tipper (bassist) some riff ideas. Tipper liked the ideas and was interested in being in a band a bit different than his other band, Fever Strike. They got Justin, the drummer of Fever Strike involved as well. After that, Ricky got in touch with me (Sam) and asked if I wanted to do vocals for a new project.

"I've always wanted to try vocals in a hardcore band. The only band I've been in prior to Vital Sense was a pop-punk band in high school. Unfortunately, after we recorded our first EP, Justin decided to leave the band, and we understood and respected that decision; we still love him and thank him immensely for helping write and record our first 5 songs. Fortunately, Nickk from Ricky's other band, Seventh Seal, was totally on board with joining us. We're all excited to see where we go from here."

Vital Sense released their debut EP, What Comes Next, last month:

How does Sam break down his band's stylistic approach? "We would describe Vital Sense's sound as a mix of Youth Crew-styled guitar riffs with some classic hardcore and metal influence, for fans of Backtrack and Strife. Someone said it sounds 'like the dude from Touché Amoré singing for Strife.' We thought the vocals sounded like they had some northeast influences."

The material for the What Comes Next came together pretty effortlessly, according to Sam. "We came up with some ideas that we used for the EP during our first practice together. The first song that we finished is the last track on the EP, 'Unanswered|Unresolved.' The lyrics for that song were fueled by the feeling I had when I wasn't present when a family member passed away; I felt guilty for not being able to make it back home in time."

Photo: Sam Catalano

Though it's only been a few weeks since the EP hit Bandcamp, things seem to be moving along nicely for Sam and the Vital Sense boys. One of the developments in their camp is that Patient Zero Records (Discourage, Silence Equals Death) will be releasing What Comes Next on cassette. "We're so grateful for everyone who shared the EP, bought it on Bandcamp, and especially to those who payed more than they had to.

"Our friends in the North Carolina bands Fading Signal, Eyez Wide Shut, The Burning Wind, Thirteenth, and Fever Strike (just to name a few) have all been super supportive and we really look forward to playing some shows with all these incredibly talented people.

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