Touch: Budapest Band Conjures NYHC Spirit on Deliverance EP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Bands Through the Lens

Just last week, I had the honor of premiering fleshprison's nasty debut EP, and today I'm bringing you more heat from Budapest. Though they share some members with fleshprison, Touch specializes in a different strain of hardcore.

I've covered them on No Echo before, but if you aren't up on them yet, Touch play melodic yet tough-sounding jams that fans of everything from Leeway to Battery to Stillsuit will love.

So far, they've released two EPs (2016's Illusion of Truth and 2017's Rearrangement) and one album in 2019's The Darkness Reflects. Touch have also played shows throughout Europe, sharing the stage with such bands as Turnstile, Cro-Mags, and Defeater.

I'm happy to report that Touch are back with new music in the form of a 4-track EP called Deliverance. Hit the play button below to get in on the action:

Here's what the Touch crew sent me about the new EP:

"We are trying to emulate some of our favorite bands and you will find our sound is influenced by bands like NYHC staples, Bad Brains, Burn, and Absolution, and the whole Washington DC hardcore vibe."

For the liner note junkies, Ákos Déri—who is the vocalist/guitarist of a Hungarian experimental rock band Berriloom and the Doom—is featured on the songs "Spirit Guiding” and "Disengagament” with clean vocal assists.

Photo: Marcell_Vitéz

Deliverance is available now across all streaming outlets. Solace Music will be releasing the EP on vinyl later this year.

Touch on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp


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