Had To: Reno Band Makes Shoegazey Debut on New EP

Photo: Drew Willis

Had To is a shoegazey band formed out of Reno, Nevada. With their self-titled debut EP recently hitting digital outlets, No Echo chatted with guitarist/vocalist Joe Foley to learn more about the group. "Well, we all have been friends for longer than we haven’t," he emailed a few days back. "We've played in bands together, gone to shows together. We all missed playing after taking some time off and decided we needed to get back in the swing of things."

Failure, Narrow Head, and Modern Color fans should instantly dig Had To's moody yet hummable melodies. Joe talked influences:

"Honestly, we vibed the Dumb and Dumber soundtrack (goated soundtrack from any movie) and based a lot of it off of that era of rock. We all love that period of music in general so the music just kinda came out that way."

The email exchange concluded with talk about the Reno music scene. "We are really lucky in our local music community. We have a local all ages venue/art space called The Holland Project that is the literal backbone of our local music scene. They are always looking to provide a safe and nourishing environment for the people attending. They have classes, art shows, regular shows, pop-ups. It’s constantly getting bigger and better and I’m lucky to have been able to watch it grow into what it is today."

"Everyone in the band except me is in a band called Skew Ring, and they rock hard. There is a local band called Bug Bath that completely rip, they are probably my favorite local band right now."

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