The Last Stand: NYHC Band Offers Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today Covers as LTD. Release

Photo: Rich Zoeller 

The Last Stand is a Brooklyn-based hardcore band featuring members of Shutdown and Inhuman within its ranks. The NYHC outfit will be releasing its next record next year, a split with SoCal straight edgers One Choice, but they've got something else cooking in the meantime.

With a pre-order that launched today, Yo Sucka! is a new limited edition lathe cut (50 copies) comprised of the Last Stand's cover versions of Youth of Today's "Choose to Be" and "Big Mouth" from Gorilla Biscuits.

"The thing about these 2 covers is that they have only been available as bonus tracks on our CD and digital versions of the 2017 This Is Real EP," the Last Stand vocalist Michael Scondotto tells No Echo.

"We left them off the 7” on purpose so that people could focus on the new songs back then. I am very into vinyl and special limited release so the time was right to have these songs get their own highlighted release with new artwork and a poster. 

"The four of us collectively are major fans of Gorilla Biscuits and Youth of Today. But we have our own stamp on them as they are down tuned versions."

So, why a lathe cut instead of a standard vinyl release? Scondotto explains: "Irish Voodoo Records came up with the idea as they have been doing a series of them on the label and they have all sold well or sold out fast. It turns out it is faster and easier to turn out a lathe cut release right now as opposed to a vinyl release."

While we chat with the singer, No Echo asks Scondotto about the Last Stand's plans beyond the lathe cut drop. "Like every band, we are of course side tracked by the pandemic. Due to that situation we were not able to get the split release with One Choice out in 2020, but it will be out in the first half of 2021 for sure.

"The new record will feature 3 brand-new songs and a surprise cover song, First Wave this time! It’s called From the East Coast, to the West Coast, and it will also be on Irish Voodoo as well. We managed to sneak in 3 shows in 2020 and we of course look forward to when we can get out there again."

Hit up Irish Voodoo Records for the Yo Sucka! pre-order.


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