My Turn: Greek Hardcore Band Returns w/ Modern Life's Massacre LP, Listen to 1st Single

Photo: George Argyropoulos Photography

Formed out of Athens back in 2010, My Turn is a hardcore band that has put in a lot of work throughout the years.

Over that time, the group played over 350 shows all over Greece and Europe, and released two full length albums, two EPs, a split 7-inch, a demo, and made various compilation apperances.

Some of the bands My Turn have shared tours or bills with include Tides Denied, Backtrack, Peace of Mind, and First Blood.

My Turn are closing out the year in a bIg way with the forthcoming release of their third studio album, Modern Life's Massacre. According to the group, the lyrics on the record "reflect the everyday reality of living in Greece in a time of financial and political instability fueled with oppression and insecurity." Sounds like great fuel for angry hardcore!

Check out a track from the album called "Indian Eyes" to hear it for yourself:

Featuring artwork designed by tattoo artist Habs222Modern Life’s Massacre was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Ignite Studio in Athens by George Christoforidis.

Modern Life's Massacre will be out on December 15th (CD pre-order). A limited run of tapes will be available soon through World’s Appreciated Kitsch Records.

The record release show will take place on December 29th at AN Club in Athens.

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