Still Pretty: New Buffalo Hardcore Group Keeps Things Fast & Melodic on Debut EP

Still Pretty are brand-new hardcore unit from Buffalo, New York. The band plays fast, early '80s-style hardcore.

The group is comprised by current and ex-members of such bands as Old Ghost, Dead Hearts, Grain Assault, Knee Jerk, Yanari, and ‘Ritis. Everyone in Still Pretty has done something worth checking out and this new project is no exception.

Still Ghost recently released their demo on Bandcamp. Derek and Kristina from the band were nice enough to answer some questions about their project.

First up, who is in Still Pretty?

Travis Johnson - bass
Eric Hughes - drums
Kristina Markey - vocals
Derek Dole - guitar

How did Still Pretty come together?

Derek: Around 2021, I started to play guitar. I was bored and stuck in the house because of the COVID shutdown. I had plenty of time to kill. I had mentioned to Travis that I would like to play guitar in a band at some point. I asked if he and Eric would be into doing the a project with me.

I really wanted to do something with 7 Seconds, Gorilla Biscuits, and Kid Dynamite vibes. They both seemed into the idea. We practiced a few times got some songs ironed out without a singer set in place. Travis suggested Kristina to be singer cause she was into that style of hardcore. 

Can you fill us in on what the songs on this demo are about?

Kristina: Well, I wrote three songs: "Still Pretty," "No Prosperity," and "No Sense Makes Sense." Derek wrote three songs: "It's By Design," "Lost Girls and Boys," and "Head Held High." I was having major writers block and Derek had some great lyrics for some already.

Derek can correct me if I'm wrong, "It's By Design" is being stuck in this society where we have no other options but to just comply. "Lost Girls and Boys" is still loving punk, still loving the feel of music and going to shows with an homage to 7 Seconds.

"Head Held High" is about just keeping your head up no matter what. "Still Pretty" is our anthem, bunch of outcast in in outcast society that are constantly reflecting on our actions and appearance.

"No Prosperity" is about being born into working class and the way society is set up you are stuck in working class. Lastly, "No Sense Makes Sense" is about working at a job that just seems like everything is set up backwards and the rules and regulations just make absolutely no sense. 

The demo artwork is amazing. Was it a friend’s picture you asked to use or was it an idea you specifically asked for?

Kristina: I asked a friend of mine if he'd be down to do some art for a project that I was in. Daniel McCloskey is an amazing artist who also comes from Eastern Pennsylvania.

He is now out in Berkeley and last year released an awesome graphic novel called Cloud Town. He said he was up for it, we gave a little of what we were looking for and lo and behold this gorgeous group of monsters are now the cover of Still Pretty!

Is this just a studio project or can we expect to see live shows in the future? 

Derek: I think we’re open to the idea. It would be fun to play some shows if there was interest. Kristina has been laid up for months due to a major surgery. We all have other music endeavors that take up most of our free time. With that said, I do think it would be a waste if we couldn’t this share music in a live setting. 

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Kristina: Keep playing music, keep doing the things you love no matter how old you are or what life throws at you. If you aren't happy then no one is happy. 

Derek: Thanks for the interview.


Still Pretty on social media: Instagram


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