Common War: California Band Sign with Indecision Records, Drop New Song (PREMIERE)

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"Common War is the result of our collective interests in creating a heavy, dark, and aggressive project," says James Gericke, guitarist of Common War, a combo featuring musicians from such groups as Dying for It, Adolescents, and Death By Stereo. Formed in 2013, Common War's 2017 full-length, Possess Yourself, was driven by vocalist David Gualco’s piercing lyrics, with an overlying theme of criticism towards westernized religion and the power churches have over society. Positive or negative? Well, that’s for the listener to decide.

I'm chatting with James in advance of Common War's next release, which will be the SoCal's band's first release with their new label, Indecision Records. "We recorded with Paul Miner at Buzzbomb Studios in December 2018, and the EP is titled Speak of the Devil," ASas reveals. Let's check out a sampling of the forthcoming EP via "Solomon," its opening track:

"The lyrics are a first-person narrative from a fictionalized version of Solomon, the ancient King of Israel," James tells me. "The lyrics take the hyperbolized mythos regarding Solomon and his mystical powers, and set the scene as if it were all true. Essentially a short story of a man with far too much power, and his overwhelming urge to have even more."

James explains Common War's connection to Indecision Records, a label that has also issued releases by such bands as Unbroken, Rod of Correction, and Mean Season. "We’ve connected with [label owner] Dave Mandel over the years at shows, and some of us share members with past/present Indecision Records bands. The current and previous releases in the Indecision catalog have been very influential to us for nearly two decades. Needless to say, we are humbled."

So, does Common War plan on hitting the road hard once the new record hits stores? "Short answer, yes. Tour plans are in the works, we are doing a few shows up to the Northwest next week, Southwest in the winter, goal to do a short run of UK and hopefully mainland late 2020. Common War has always calculated our schedule around our other projects that we are affiliated with."

Speak of the Devil will be out soon via Indecision Records. Follow Common War on Facebook and Instagram for more info.

Common War tour dates:
Aug. 1st - Redding, CA @ Frost School of Music (early show)
Aug. 2nd - Portland, OR @ Post 134
Aug. 4th - Tacoma, WA @ Airport Tavern
Aug. 5th - Chico, CA @ Ike’s Place


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