Sintomas De Techno: Peru Electronic Underground in the ‘80s/‘90s

Buh Records has unearthed Síntomas de techno : Ondas electrónicas subterráneas desde Perú (1985​-​1991), a vital collection from Peru’s electronic music scene in the mid-1980s/early 1990s profiling groups that predominantly used the Casiotone keyboard synthesizer as a foundation for electro pop/synth wave/industrial dance sounds that fell under the all inclusive ‘techno’ moniker.

Culled from rare demo/live tapes and unreleased studio recordings, name of compilation refers to a legendary concert held in 1991. The more affordable Casio keyboard democratize the music making process with artists striving to take cues from punk/pop/avant-garde/dance/goth/new wave, and other genres, to make newer sounds all the while enduring the harsh economic and political reality coupled with terrorism plaguing Peru in those challenging times.

First track is mechanized industrial beats (Disidentes) and the fertile cross pollination of underground scenes at that time in Lima allowed for members of punk icons Narcosis to try their hand at these sounds, case in point their guitarist Cachorro doing instrumental synth ditties (Paisaje Electronico) singer Wicho crooning electronic pop (Meine Katze Und Itch) & drummer Pelo Madueno doing dreamy new wave (El Sueno De Ali).


There’s also Detroit style Techno (Ensamble), Ambient EBM (Circulo Interior), Nitzer Ebb/Front 242 styles (T De Cobre)and Peruvian-American artist Renzo Ortega is featured with his synth pop outfit (Cuerpos De Deseo).


The last track (Reaccion) is a New Order sounding gem that lyrically tackles the problems facing Peru in that time period, making a defiant plea for staying in the country and weathering the political/economic storm.          


Stream it here, vinyl version available too.
RIP Cachorro 
-Freddy Alva 2022


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