French Kiss, Everyday Chemistry (Self-Released, 2019)

When you start the 3-song EP Everyday Chemistry by French Kiss, you are immediately met with David Bowie-like vibes both musically and vocally.

I heard this release in the early stages and I remember thinking “This sounds like New York in the '70s,” or at least what I imagine it to be based on sounds and sights from the time period.

Even the cover brandishes a logo that one could imagine seeing on a poster plastered to an urban city wall next to another poster for whatever big touring act was making a living in 1975.

I suppose I would label French Kiss a proto punk band, but one that leans more towards the rock side than the punk side. It has its fair share of aggression (See the back half of "Tears in the Rain"), but still is more Rolling Stones than Ramones. 

You still get your fair share of New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders and MC5 nods on this release, but French Kiss aren't losing their minds all over the place, they are just letting you know that they could if they wanted.

Lyrically, the songs have slight twinges of the crossroads of different shades of romance and the fun and trouble that comes along with that entire subject, you know, the classic stuff. Even in the most beleaguered points of the story being told on this release, it always comes off fun.

I guess we can learn from French Kiss in this way. Even if we cant find closure, we can still have a good time.

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