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Record Collector: Simone De Luca, aka trapjoe999

Let's take a deep dive into all-things Revelation Records collecting with Simone De Luca from Italy. Simone has been involved with the Italian punk/skate scene since 1989, and has been the drummer for the bands Monkey Faces, Coco Pops, Die Tonight, and Stand Alone.

Aside from being an avid collector, Simone is a proud dad and husband. Check him out on Instagram for all the pretty color variants!

How and when did you start collecting records?

I was in the local skate scene in early '90s and the older guys had crazy cassettes with Black Sabbath, Metallica, Black Flag, 7 Seconds, etc. That was my world. The first record I bought was Iron Maiden; the first hardcore record was Can't Close My Eyes on We Bite Records.

How do you find your records these days?

Mostly Discogs and eBay but also vinyl fairs and also among collectors. And, of course, directly from labels. 

How did you get into collecting the Revelation Records catalog?

When I met underground music, I was a kid and I didn't give a shit about collecting. Vinyl, CD, or cassettes, it made no difference to me. I had a strong connection with Rev bands, though, a musical constant over the years. Then with Internet, I started following the Revelation site, the Rev Board, and various blogs including Seeking the Simple, this one killed me. 

How did you get most of your rare Revelation variants?

I’d say half from eBay and half from other collectors. Most of the hard stuff came from the almighty Revelation board.

Simone holding the beat down

Are you a test press guy?

Definitely not. I have a few test presses, but none from Rev. I’m more a color variants guy. I had a chance for some Rev tests: Supertouch, In My Eyes, etc.. Now, if I have one Rev test then I want to have them all; this would be a problem [laughs].

What are your “rules” for collecting Revelation stuff?

It seems everyone has a different approach. No rules in particular, only the iron will to collect Revelation, a lot of patience, and put some money aside for the record I really want in my collection. It's a long way to go.

What is your favorite Revelation release and why?

For many reasons, We're Not In This Alone is my favorite record ever (raw, fast, meaningful and 3 different mix of the same recording: immortal) but originally it was on Caroline Records. Start Today is my choice. Musically sincere, positive and proactive. Songs like "First Failure," "Start Today," "Cats and Dogs"...much can be learned form these lyrics. Also, the sound recording is perfect, you can't go wrong with Don Fury. 

What are your other favorite non-Revelation bands and labels to collect?

Triple B Records is a good one: Fury, Glory, Ecostrike, Clear, Free Spirit, Warfare...quite impressive. Also, early Comeback Kid and some Victory Records stuff. Uniform Choice and Wishingwell records. Good Riddance and a few early records on Fat. And all the new stuff from Burn. 

Any wild stories of getting a record that you thought you would never own?

I must say Chung King Can Suck It. I had a rule for it: do not leave such a precious record in the hands of the post office. I need to pick it up with my hands. In two words: mission impossible. Then my friend Paolo was selling his copy, so I had the opportunity to go and get it with my hands and I couldn't resist. It was an unforgettable experience, hanging out with a friend, chatting about music, and then I got home with a precious record. 

What are some of your prized records, the ones that will go to your grave with you?

Easy: Youth of Today, Break Down the Walls on Wishingwell Records, both red and blue vinyl. And the Revelation Records "Orange Trilogy": Youth of Today (Can’t Close My Eyes 7”), Warzone 7”, and New York City Hardcore 1987 - Together 7”.

What is the top five on your want list?

  1. Gorilla Biscuits 7" #/102.
  2. Warzone 7" on clear vinyl
  3. Youth of Today Can't Close My Eyes 7" Some Records stamp
  4. No for An Answer 7" I Spy sleeve
  5. No for An Answer 7" live sleeve

What is a record that you parted with that you completely regret now?

All the records I’ve parted with was spare copies so...

Monkey Faces with Porcell

What is something about record collecting that bothers you?

I would say the fact that now each record comes out in 8 different colors limited to 12 or 29 or 52 each, and this just for the first press. Don't get me wrong, I like different versions, just...slow down!

What is the most you ever paid for a record? Or a crazy trade?

The Can't Close My Eyes 7" on orange did not go for cheap. I've got it from Sam Triple B Records, and I assure you that he knows how to negotiate better than me [laughs]. Absolutely no regret though. It’s hard, hard, hard to find. 

Italy hardcore crew in Belgium, 2004

How long do you plan on collecting and how do you feel about the future of record collecting?

I don't set a time limit, I go on without haste. Collecting vinyl is my passion. I hope the vinyl market will go on for a long time, and I would like bands and recording studios to go back to analog recording, this would be awesome!

What is in your collection that might surprise the No Echo readers?

Every single Rev record in my collection contain a paper pocket w/ band name stamped on it. Inside you will find at least 3 different stickers made by me. Another cool thing is a double LP (live record) I had "pressed" in one copy (through the help from a friend) of a memorable show I attended in 2016.

Finally, I know you attended the Revelation “Rev25” shows. Tell us about that experience, being you’re such a big fan of the label.

In spring of 2012, I was out with my friend Marco and we looked at the Rev site. The screen said: "Revelation Records 25th Anniversary Show." Holy shit!

I immediately bought the tickets (keep in mind I live in Italy) Then there was a problem: they did not expect people from overseas, so the tickets was sent to the motel where I would have stayed on the first day in Cali. That's crazy! However everything went well. Certainly the most incredible fest I’ve seen in my life. I had the chance to talk with Zulu from BOLD, Chris Bratton (Chain of Strength), Zoli Teglas (Ignite), Jon Bunch (Sense Field), Porcell (Youth of Today), and many other cool people!

A few months later, I couldn't miss the Rev25NYC ! What can I say? I saw Chain Of Strength 3 times in 2 days. Definitely a time I’ll remember!


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