Salt Money: Aussie Band Brings to Mind ‘00s-Era Screamo on “Burn” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Mitchaell Manz

Brisbane, Australia's Salt Money will bring a huge smile to fans of Off Minor and Hot Cross. Yes, screamo is the band's method of stylistic delivery, but we're talking about '00s sense of the sound.

Chaotic musical arrangements, screamed vocal lines, and bursts of melody all figure out a way to mesh together in a powerful way in Salt Money's sonic world.

With 2 EPs already in their discography, Salt Money will soon be issuing Eternities/First Breath, a release that compiles all of the band’s recorded material to date, previously released on their own Lumens House label. 

No Echo has partnered with Salt Money to bring you the premiere of the band's music video for "Burn," a short yet impactful track which will appear on Eternities/First Breath:

Salt Money vocalist Dean Strike said the following about the track and its lyrics: 

"To me, 'Burn' is about crying out for something more. It’s a song of yearning. Yearning to feel alive in a world that can be so plain, bland, and empty. Those sorts of themes are a big part of Salt Money. We’re a hopeful band."

Eternities/First Breath will be out December 17th via Really Rad Records, and can be pre-ordered here. 

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