Poisoned Seeds: Vancouver Metallic HC Band “Blame the Witch” on Track from Debut LP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Cherie Dhillon

If you missed the last time I covered Poisoned Seeds, the Vancouver, British Columbia-based band is comprised of guitarist Avrinder Dhillon (ex-Hollow Ground), drummer Motor Kehoe (ex-Blue Monday), bassist Taylor Stuart (Juice), guitarist Rob Foster (The Enforcers), and vocalist Brad Colliss (ex-Go It Alone).

Their 2022 demo introduced Poisoned Seeds' brute songwriting style, bringing to mind the best of '90s metallic-leaning hardcore along the way. The material attracted the attention of WAR Records (World I Hate, Berthold City) who welcomed the band to the label's growing roster.

The new union will come together to release Poisoned Seeds' forthcoming debut record, a self-titled 7-track beast that finds the band bringing in a more metal-informed flair to their formula in parts. It's got teeth and the songs are memorable at the same time.

I got my hands on an exclusive stream of "Blame the Witch," the first track the world is hearing from the Poisoned Seeds record, plus I chatted with Avrinder, Brad, and Motor from the group to get some more insight on the project.

Listening to the advance of the album that Andrew fro WAR Records sent me, what initially stuck out to me was the hookiness of the material. For example, “Deceit” sounds like the kind of song even the staunchest metalhead who doesn’t care about hardcore or even metalcore, would totally go nuts for. Did the musical part of the songs come together in a jam room or was everything done on the solo tip, meticulously, before it was shared with the other members? 

Avrinder Dhillon (guitar): Thanks so much for the kind words, it means a lot!  I wrote and did pre-production on the tracks at home first. That way when we get together to jam, we have a good structure of songs to reference with. I like to write music that I myself would be stoked to check out if it wasn’t our band. 

Brad, when I featured the band on No Echo last time, this is what you told me about your work in Poisoned Seeds: "The lyrics are an expression of how I feel when I’m at my darkest.” What were the lyrics to “Blame the Witch” inspired by?

Brad Colliss (guitar): Interesting question, I have never expected to be asked directly about the origin of my lyrics. I am a guitar player, I am not a poetic scholar, when it comes to writing and subject matter I am only thinking about my thoughts and things that stand out at that second when pen is to paper and the track is right there to do with as I may.  It builds itself from there.  

As for the lyrics and what they mean, they can be up to interpretation. But trust me, it's me who's to blame.

Photo: Cherie Dhillon

What were some of the influences you guys talked about when you first started Poisoned Seeds? In other words, what were the bands that drew you together on that level? 

Avrinder Dhillon: We all have love for 100 Demons, All Out War, Buried Alive. Swedish metal like Dismember and At the Gates were on my mind when writing the material, as well.  

What did fans of your older bands think of the Poisoned Seeds demo?

Avrinder Dhillon: It was received quite well! We heard lots of good feedback from people who enjoyed our previous bands, and from our old bandmates, which felt really nice to hear!  

What made WAR Records the right home for the band and this record? I know that Juice is also on the label now.

Brad Collis: WAR Records was the home for us without hesitation. When I was a pre-teen, I was obsessed with the Deftones. My older sister was taking me to hardcore shows at that time. She had played me Strife [the label is owned and operated by Strife guitarist and Berthold City vocalist Andrew Kline] and I recognized Chino Moreno's voice on "Will to Die." It was the perfect song for me at the time to transition into hardcore.

To be a part of Andrew's roster is an honor. Much love to Berthold City, Internal Affairs, and my brothers in Allegiance.

Photo: Gaby Pereira

What’s the plan for the band in the longterm? Do you guys want to go out and tour Europe and other countries, or is it more of a “let’s see where this takes us” kind of thing right now?

Motor Kehoe (drums): I think right now we are at a point where it’ll be a “let’s see where this takes us” situation, but we definitely want to do some small tours, some fests, that kind of stuff. Europe and other countries are always on the table if something came our way and it was feasible for us to do it.

With families/children, careers, and other bands, sometimes it’s hard to fit a lot of big stuff in. 


Poisoned Seeds will be be out on March 1st via WAR Records (pre-order goes live on Feb. 9th).


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