Room 13: Spokane Band’s “Inferno” Is Metallic Hardcore Perfection (PREMIERE)

Photo: David Shearer 

I know music writers have a tendency to serve readers endless gallons of hype juice, but when I say that "Inferno" is a 100% banger, I'm telling no lie.

The track comes courtesy of Room 13, a Spokane, Washington band that has been influenced by the best parts of '90s and '00s metallic hardcore. Formed in early 2020, the quartet has been playing shows all over the Pacific Northwest, supporting their 2021 demo along the way.

Room 13 is about to drop their debut EP, The DEVOURING, and the aforementioned "Inferno" features on the record. Since I've already let you know how I feel about the track, how about you check it out yourself?

Featuring guest vocals from Nathan Harms of Wretch (a band recently featured on No Echo that shares members with Room 13), the song captures many of the sonic tenets that makes metallic hardcore so tasty. Oh, they also manage to do it in under a minute and a half:

Room 13 vocalist Steven Erminpour shared the following with No Echo about the track:

“I wrote 'Inferno' shortly after I moved to Spokane from Orange County. I was stuck inside as soon as I moved because of the pandemic. That forced me to face my feelings of stagnation I’ve ignored and let fester for years. I woke up one day after this had been weighing on me and the first few lines came to me. It ended up being Room 13’s first song. It’s about taking all the fear and anxiety of everyday life and turning that energy into a more positive driving force in your life.”

The DEVOURING will be out on August 13th across all streaming outlets (pre-order).


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