Ripped Away: Wilkes-Barre Hardcore Is Alive & Well on “Lamentation” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Jenna Lefkoski

Throughout the years, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania has blessed the hardcore scene with such killer bands as Cold World, War Hungry, and Title Fight. 

More recently, the region has remained hot with the rise of Worn, Choice to Make, and in their No Echo debut today, Ripped Away.

Founded in 2018, Ripped Away issued two EPs via Upstate Records and have kept busy performing with everyone from Jesus Piece to Xibalba to Earth Crisis during that time. During the pandemic lockdown, the quintet took the downtime and focused their energy on working on their strongest and most intense material yet.

The blood and sweat was poured into Permanent Pain, Ripped Away's forthcoming debut album. We've partnered with the group to present the premiere of "Lamenation," a hard-charging cut from the record:

Ripped Away's Billy Andrey shared the following about the track:

“'Lamentation' was the first song written for the record and set in motion a new direction for the band going forward. This was vital to the song’s significance to me personally.” 

Permanent Pain will be out Summer 2022. Ripped Away have set up a website (PermanentPain.net) where you can pre-order the album.

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