Pilot to Gunner: Listen to “Animal Control” From Returning NYC Post-Hardcore Vets (PREMIERE)

Photo: James Hartley

Post-hardcore vets Pilot to Gunner made the most out of the pandemic lockdown. The New York City-based quartet spent the time wrote and recorded the material for their forthcoming fourth record, Hail Hallucinator.

Comprised of guitarist/vocalist team Scott Padden and Patrick Hegarty, alongside new members Gregg Giuffre (Hunters) on drums and Eric Odness (Chariots, Primitive Weapons, Ageist) on bass, the band's sound is always melodic, often dissonant, and brings to mind everything from Quicksand to No Knife to Jawbox. Fittingly, J. Robbins produced the aforementioned Hail Hallucinator sessions. It's the third time Pilot to Gunner collaborated with the Jawbox musician.

No Echo got the jump on a track from the forthcoming album called "Animal Control" served up for you below:

Pilot to Gunner's Scott Padden told No Echo the following about the song:

"Had to get a barebones little bass/drums verse in there, those guys have a nice thing going in this one. One of my favorite Hegarty Riffs too. Oh, and we got J. in there belting it out at the end! Man, that guy. Are we restraining ourselves here? I think this counts as us restraining ourselves. 

"The way I like to think about my past life is that that guy got put down. And good riddance. That life is constant bad decisions, constant bad luck, constant letdown, constant dishonesty. And that’s all in the chorus, which was a tough one to watch as it came together lyrically, 'Shit luck’s got great taste in men who’ve got friends who’ve got shit taste in friends.'”

Hail Hallucinator will be out on LP (Arctic Rodeo Recordings), cassette (Thirtysomething Records), and digitally (Bandcamp).


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