Omega Glory: Blackened Hardcore & Crushing Sludge Come Together on “We To I”

Photo: Matt Viel

Omega Glory is the brainchild of Brian Meehan, a veteran guitarist who has played in such bands as Milhouse, Kill Your Idols, and Pariiah throughout the past few decades. During the COVID lockdowns, the Queens, New York native penned six tracks of darkened hardcore ready to be fleshed out by a proper band lineup. 

Brian recruited Sean McCann (Herjaza) to handle vocal duties, and not long after that, drummer Greg Ernst, aka, Elway (C.R., Sleeper, Murdock, Bastard Sapling) joined the group. The three musicians had previously played together in Celebrity Murders in the 2000s. Omega Glory was completed with the addition of bassist Edmund Kump (Look the Part, Be the Part, Motherfucker).

2020 saw the release of Omega Glory's self-titled debut EP, followed by another EP, II, later that same year. State of Mind Recordings collected both EPs on a self-titled LP the following year.

Photo: Matt Viel

The next chapter in the Omega Glory story will begin next month with the release of their debut album, a 16-song beast called Offerings. The group's melding of hardcore, death metal, and black metal is on full display throughout the album. Today, I'm amped to premiere "We To I," a crushing cut from the forthcoming album that has some sludge coursing through its veins:

Omega Glory vocalist Sean McCann share the following thoughts about the track:

“The title, 'We to I,' was inspired by a line in the song 'Extinct' from the band Fine Day. The line, 'Dwindle we to I,' represents a person whose entire world collapses, and there is nothing left to hold on to. It’s about loneliness and mourning a love that’s been lost with nowhere to put the blame. It’s no one’s fault. It just is.”

The Offerings LP will be out digitally and up for pre-order April 5th via Council Records.

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