Sunfall: International Hardcore Project Offers Taste of Debut LP via “Reach Out” (PREMIERE)

Coordinating a band long distance is no easy feat. Add a global pandemic on top of that and you now have significant obstacles to overcome.

With members spread across the globe in Canada, The Netherlands, New Zealand, and Russia, Sunfall is proving that they have what it takes to beat the odds and take on the challenge of releasing their first LP, Reflections Beyond the Sun.

Having previously released a single through No Echo earlier this year, they have returned to the site to share “Reach Out” with the readers of this community, as well as a few details about their upcoming record.

"As a society, we clearly need to address and re-evaluate most of our ways," Sunfall vocalist David Lavictoire told No Echo via email. "We put so much pressure and stress on ourselves, our daily lives are getting hectic. People are burning out, over medicating, and behaving in crazy materialistic ways… I think we really need to calm down and learn how to go on with our lives a little slower.

"Let’s take the time to reach out for each other and adjust our mindset to get going in a better harmony with the world before it’s too late. It just might sound like any other wake-up call, but there’s nothing wrong in taking a little pause to stop and think about the way we live."

David continued: "Musically, I like the changing of pace in the middle of the song. It really supports the idea I’m trying to get across. The beginning and the end feel like some sort of mantra, it’s almost soothing compared to the busy fast-paced parts where I really wanted to feel the rush of the daily grind."

The Reflections Beyond the Sun LP will be available for pre-order on various formats soon from the following labels:
SP Discos 
Dedication Records 
Modern Illusion Records 

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