Nobody's Perfect: Brooklyn Hardcore Band Comes Out of Hibernation via Arrival EP

Nobody's Perfect is a hardcore band with a history that stretches back decades. Formed in Brooklyn, New York in 1989, the group released the Witness This... demo not long after. The demo got around the local hardcore community at the time, which helped Nobody's Perfect land shows throughout the Tri-state area.

1991 found the group dropping their Steps Towards Deception record. The release featured the addition of former First Order guitarist Chris Berberian, and their approach shifted towards a more technical sound. Despite the progress, Nobody's Perfect disbanded in 1994.

Just last year, the members of Nobody's Perfect decided to get back together and work on new material.

The results can be heard on Arrival, a six-track EP which marks their first new songs in three decades. Check out the music video for the track "U-Turn" below:

Arrival will be released across all streaming outlets on September 23rd via Vandal Records.

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