My Turn to Win: East Coast Hardcore Unit Finally Drops Second LP They Tracked in 2011

Photo: Robby Redcheeks

My Turn to Win was formed by musicians from the South Jersey and Philadelphia hardcore scenes in 2004.

Named after a Turning Point song, the band began playing the local live circuit and eventually released the Whatever It Takes EP a couple of years later, and a full-length album, Weight of the World, in 2008. My Turn to Win then dropped a second EP, No Challenge, in 2010 via Thorp Records, a label that was also behind releases by such heavy-hitters as Ramallah, Breakdown, and Blood for Blood.

This is where it gets a bit tricky. My Turn to Win entered Landmine Studios in New Jersey with Len Carmichael behind the recording console and tracked their sophomore album, Let's Die, in 2011. The 10-song collection found the band at their most potent, delivering no-nonsense metallic-tinged hardcore with memorable riffs and vocal sections. The track "Go to Work" featured guest vocals from none other than Lou Koller from Sick of It All.

Due to circumstances I am not privy to, Let's Die was never released. Well, until a few months ago. Featuring remixed and remastered audio by Carmichael himself, the album can be heard below:

My Turn to Win is currently comprised of David Rosney, Jess Goldey, Justin Shepp, Len Carmichael, and Mark Antonio.

They wanted to give show love to some current bands from the Philly scene: Thought Control (Mark’s current other band), Rid of Me, Sunburster, Cancer Priest, and Crime Rate. Additionally, Alex from Morbid Cross has been doing some really amazing shows at the Elmer Grange in South Jersey recently, and all of the effort he’s been putting in to make that happen is appreciated by the guys in My Turn to Win.

Let's Die is available now via Knife Hit Records.

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