RLND: San Francisco Progsters’ Music Video for “Public Chefs” is a Mind-Melter (PREMIERE)

Photo: Joe McClune

RLND (pronounced Roland) is a band that isn't simple to categorize, but if you absolutely need that kind of thing to set your mind at ease, let's go with "prog rock with some metallic overtones." 

The San Francisco-based outfit's forthcoming sophomore full-length collection, Zealand, is a concept album "built around our collective narrative as a capitalist society."

Did I mention that RLND is an instrumental band? Yep, and that means that the quartet's arrangements move at an exciting pace, continously delivering melodic nuances that keep things memorable, which isn't always an easy task for a band this adventurous.

Today, No Echo is premiering the music video for "Public Chefs," the fourth track from Zealand. Directed by Tsunami Films, the clip is the perfect visual for the song, mirroring its dizzying arrangement:

"'Public Chefs' is kind of the odd track out on the record musically and Tsunami said he had an idea for a video for the song," RLND guitarist Joe McClune told No Echo via email. "He ran with the thematic idea behind the song, which is basically the wholesale distraction of the population at large with smoke and mirrors.

"He then came back a couple of months later and had this amazing piece of work, with not much input from us as a band aside from losing our minds."

Zealand will be out December 13 via Sell the Heart Records. Pre-orders are up on Bandcamp.
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