Suntouch House: Meet & Hear the Newest Band to Join the DAZE Label Lineup

Photo: Joel Cedeno

Whenever Andrew "Lumpy" Wojcik from DAZE hits me up about a new band he's working with, I'm all ears. In his most recent email, he listed Kiss It Goodbye, Today Is the Day, and Indecision as prime influences for his latest signing. I mean, how could I not support?

The band is Suntouch House, based out of Jacksonville, Florida, and while their approach certainly pulls inspiration from the aforementioned acts, they carve out their own sound along the way.

"Suntouch House started in early 2021 when Dylan and Jeremy approached me about starting a band that was a little different than the current one they played in together," says Troy from the group.

"We jammed for a few months together until we realized we needed another guitarist. I suggested Reed because I liked his other bands but mainly because he had Rorschach’s Protestant as his profile picture on Instagram. He was a great fit and shortly after joining he recommended we add Nick on vocals and the rest is history.

Recorded in May of this year with John Howard at War House in Gainesville, Demonstration is streaming in its entirety below:

Troy also offered this about the material on the Suntouch House debut:

"The songs are mostly about interpersonal and intrapersonal conflict from Nick’s perspective."

The Demonstration EP is available via DAZE across streaming outlets now. Head to www.daze-style.com now to pre-order the CD, cassette, and t-shirt.

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