Human Law: Columbus Hardcore Unit Brings Brutality on “Conscious” (VIDEO PREMIERE)

Photo: Wes Jackson

Comprised of Lee West (Empire of Rats, Northern Widows) and Collin Simula (Maranatha, Symphony in Peril), Human Law is a new musical project specializing in a brutal take on metallic hardcore. 

Citing such influences as Integrity and 100 Demons, the Columbus, Ohio-based entity formed during the COVID-19 lockdown, cooking up a sound that mirrors that harshness of these fucked up times.

Human Law recently released their debut release, a 6-track EP called God's Work. "Sonically and lyrically, the EP is catharsis for not only us, but for anyone who listens," says Collin.

"Each song represents a different type of internal strife or pain that is or was happening in our lives. Our goal is to let the listener know that their feelings of anger, sadness, and frustration are real—and God’s Work is the release." 

No Echo is honored to help premiere the music video for "Conscious," the second track on the EP:

"It's about veganism and the misconceptions that come with it," Lee says about his lyrics to the track.

"I really wanted to sound off on trying to break the negative—and wrong—stigmas about vegans and veganism in general while discussing the horrors of animal suffering.”

God's Work was released by Delayed Gratification Records, a label that has also issued titles by En Love, Holy Kiss, and Offhand, to name a few. "Working with Lee and Collin has been something I've wanted to do since around when the label started," label founder Vladimir Necovski told No Echo via email about working with Human Law. 

"I grew up seeing their band's Northern Widows and Maranatha in Columbus, so to finally be working with both on their newest endeavors is very exciting. Can't wait to see them play out when it's safe to do so."

Human Law is already working on new material to follow up the EP, and is also starting to put together a proper lineup for shows, whether through live streaming events, or actual gigs.

Pick up a copy of God's Work on cassette directly from Delayed Gratification Records, or digitally on Bandcamp.


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