Gazeless: New Finnish Post-Hardcore Outfit Closes Out Prolific Year With EP

Photo: Lauri Ojala

"Our Venn diagram might include bands like Helmet, Jets to Brazil, Deftones, Merauder, Glassjaw, Congress, and Cave In, and while we wouldn’t ever claim the end result to be highly original, it’s all about having that hardcore DNA while being very open-minded on sources of inspiration and having ambitions to expand sonically."

That's a group statement sent to No Echo by the musicians in Gazeless, a new band out of Helsinki, Finland who released their debut EP, Memory Screen, in the beginning of the year. "We have our musical foundations in heavy and aggressive music but all of us had wanted to do something melodic," the Gazeless folks said via email. 

"The project had been bubbling under pre-pandemic, but as touring and practically everything suddenly stopped, the void that followed gave us the perfect chance to make Gazeless a reality."

Showing an inspired sense of prolificness, the band will be releasing a new EP called 861 later this month, which found them working with Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Cult of Luna) in the studio. Check out the EP's opening track, "A Slice of Control," below:

No Echo is admittedly is out of the loop when it comes to the underground music scene in the Helsinki region, but Gazeless gave us some pointers:
"Shows are own again, there are signs of life, and we’re really eager to see people put front what they’ve created during the shutdown. I can’t say we’re totally on the pulse of our local scene, but here’s a few we definitely want to plug:
"Noise-rockers Throat put out their new album earlier this year and it’s great. Nykypost is a spoken-word, punk, and hip-hop mindmeld duo infused with cultural nostalgia and zeitgeist commentary. It’s in Finnish, so what you get out of it may vary, but at least enjoy the production.

"Killing Frost, also featured on No Echo, put out their first tape recently. Sheer Terror-sequel hardcore but with a more metallic edge. It smashes.

"Old and new ones also worth mentioning include One Hidden Frame, Moskova, Hebosagil, and Axeslaughter."
The 861 EP will be out on November 27th via


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