Forlorn Sky: Swiss Band Mounts Metalcore Attack on Unburied Remains EP

Photo: Eric Lindegger

Forlorn Sky is a metalcore band that formed a couple of years ago in Zurich, Switzerland. After a demo and last year's Of Loss and Decay EP, the group has returned with a three-song attack entitled Unburied Remains.

Let's find out a bit about Forlorn Sky's formation from guitarist Basil: "Three of us—Yves (guitar), Kris (drums) and myself—played together in another band for quite some time, where the vocalist left. We met Mike (vocals) through online ads and as the band had a lot of new energy due to him, the old songs felt really old and the new songs we wrote sounded quite differently, we decided, that this should now be a new band with new songs.

"There was also someone on bass for some time, but that didn’t work out, so we just play without bass live and hope to find a suiting person at some point."

Unburied Remains first appeared on streaming outlets last week:

"We all listen to different things," Basil says. "There’s a lot of metalcore, all the revival stuff like SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Chamber, Dying Wish, and all these bands. We also like old-school bands like Heaven Shall Burn and Maroon and whatnot. 

"There is also a big deathcore influence, especially Mike vocalwise. And yeah, we also like hardcore. So we have metalcore breakdowns, more melodic riffs, the occasional hardcore two-step and some blastbeats (not in these songs though, I think) thrown in there."


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So, what is going down in the Swiss heavy music scene right now? "I feel like, overall, the scene in Switzerland is doing pretty good. There’s a lot of interesting things happening, people forming bands, cool shows happening with a decent turnout, especially in the western (French) part of Switzerland, where we sadly aren’t [laughs].

"However, at local shows it’s still a lot of times the same core group of people showing up. On one side it’s nice, because it really feels like a scene, on the other side it would be nice to get more people to go check out new bands and not only big international bands—also for more diversity at shows. 

"Bands you should check out from here include Path of Resurgence, In Love Your Mother (RIP), Drill, June Gloom, Gøldi, Cancel, Solace., Affliction AD, Ruined, Smile, and Discomfort of Existence. I’m probably forgetting a ton, but these are all great. Also, biggest shoutout to Tim from ThirdEyeCam for the huge work he is doing for the hardcore scene in Switzerland!"

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