The Last Mile: Canadian Punks Bring Gruff Hooks on New EP

Photo: Lucas Harrison Rupnik

The Last Mile is a Montreal, Québec-based melodic punk outfit that features former and current members of such groups as Ifarm, Offside, Chilton, and Answers. Originally, the Last Mile was the name of singer-songwriter Chris Snelgrove's backing band for material he felt wasn't fitting for his group at the time, Prevenge.

At first, every the Last Mile tour would be comprised of a rotating lineup of musicians from around the world, by 2019, Snelgrove had the steady rhythm section of bassist Stephanie Cole and drummer Josh Carothers in the fold.

Released last week, II is a new EP recorded in France with then the Last Mile touring drummer Ivan Fernandez on the sessions, and each song featuring guest vocals from old friends of the band; Patty O’Lantern from Brutal Youth on “Acetylene” and Comeback Kid's Scott Wade,on “Out of the Woods.” 

Check out the gruff yet melodic tracks below:

"Both of the songs on this ep are about how one can get so trapped in their own mind that they start to question every thought and action and in doing so, push away the people closest to them, especially the ones who are really trying to help," Snelgrove tells No Echo. "Lyrically, both songs hold fast, thematically.

"These songs are about trying to find a balance with having unfounded doubts about yourself, your place in the world and in interpersonal relationships, feeling vulnerable, and genuinely accepting help, not just at face value."

II is available in three different vinyl variants (clear, black, and pink). You can purchase the EP here / here / here

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