Decline: Chicago Straight Edge Band Goes Hard on “Deteriorate” (Song Premiere)

Formed in 2013, Decline is a straight edge hardcore band from Chicago that embodies the spirit of classic New Age Records artists like Turning Point and Ressurection. That's why it's fitting that the aforementioned California label has teamed up with Decline to release the group's forthcoming Own Your Words EP. “Being involved with hardcore for as long as some of us have been, we fully understand the impact New Age has had on the hardcore scene," said Decline drummer Chad Rapper about the signing. "It’s one thing to know about a labels history but it’s another thing to have been there for it."

Featuring former members of Expired Youth, Haunted Life, Noose, and New Heart, Decline bring it hard on "Deteriorate," a track I'm excited to exclusively premiere from the new EP.

Chad told me about the inspiration behind the song's lyrics: "More than ever, there's pressure for both women and men to look a certain way. Magazines, movies, and ads feed us images of unattainable physiques, which contributes to eating disorders for women and men of all ages. I know this personally as I lost my step mother to bulimia years ago."

Now that you've heard how great their new material is, stay tuned to Decline's Facebook and Instagram pages for info on the EP's release date.

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