Clobber: UK Band Has No Time for Gatekeepers on “Hardcore Hive Mind” (PREMIERE)

London, England hardcore punk outfit Clobber made their No Echo debut in the beginning of 2022 when they dropped their killer debut EP, Tribal Rites of the New Friday Night. Their sound is as feral and tough as one would expect from a band with a name like theirs. 

Since their EP release, Clobber have slugged it out in the clubs around the UK, sharing bills with such hardcore legends as Sheer Terror and Madball.

Now signed to Venn Records, a label known for releases by the likes of Higher Power and High Vis, Clobber are gearing up for the release of their sophomore EP, Yesterday's Heroes, Tomorrow's Snide.

Today, I'm excited to help share the music video premiere for "Hardcore Hive Mind," a track from the forthcoming EP.

Here's what Clobber vocalist Charlie Longman told me about its lyrics: 

"It's a song for the people that feels disenfranchised within their scene, we’ve taken aim at pointless gatekeeping, bullying and internet bravado from people who actually hold very little bearing on how you live your life.

“Everyone in Clobber has been going to shows of all shapes and sizes since we were in school and I’m sure we can all agree that one of the best things about being in this band is meeting new people at our shows.”

Clobber guitarist Joey Brazil also gave his thoughts on the track. “As a band, we’ve collectively played in hardcore and punk bands for about 30 years, of course you’re bound to see some shit happen, but not on our watch, not anymore.”

“There seems to be a re-occurring pattern where someone will integrate themselves into the scene, throw their weight around, and eventually house a 'influence' over people. This will then usually lead to copious amounts of elitist, toxic and counter-productive bollocks sprouted on social media for some sort of validation, its really fucking boring and embarrassing to witness.

“If you feel the need to bully someone to feel good about yourself, you should have been a copper, exactly the same energy, remember that next time you’re being a prick to someone for no reason. When you’re in our house, everybody is treated respectfully and equally, no two ways about it.”

In addition to the EP release, Clobber are going on a 2-week UK tour with Hellcat Records own Grade 2:

Yesterday's Heroes, Tomorrow's Snide will be out on March 24th via Venn Records.

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